Cellular and Circuit Mechanisms of Neuropeptide Signaling

Our goal is to understand how neuromodulators control behavior, and in particular how neuropeptide signaling is regulated in the brain. To address this we are developing new methods to monitor and manipulate neuropeptide signaling in vivo, and performing screens to identify the fundamental enzymes that regulate neuropeptide communication. We utilize a range of optical, genetic, and biochemical approaches to investigate these questions using worms, human cells, and mice as model systems.

Neuropeptide Signaling

We are exploring neuropeptide signaling in time and space to uncover mechanisms that govern flexibility in the nervous system.

Decoding Neurotransmission

We are delineating the contribution of different classes of neurotransmitters within defined behavioral circuits.

Neuropeptides in Aging

We are investigating how age-related changes in neuropeptide levels in specific circuits and tissues can influence whole organism healthspan and longevity.

Neuropeptide Signaling

Decoding Neurotransmission

Signaling in the Aging Brain